Tuesday, 20 November 2012

November Refresh at Winsley

St Nicholas monthly CafĂ© style worship. Croissants, sticky buns, coffee, juices and chat plus fun activities; where? Winsley School, when? Once a month, what time? 10 – 11.15am, why? a monthly informal gathering for all ages. It is suitable for people who are just interested in the Christian faith as well as those who are card carrying members. You or your children can join in the activities or you can just stay with coffee and chat. We close with a “thought for the day” which draws together the morning theme.

November "Refresh"
Do you come to resemble those you spend time with? Owners starting to look like their pets is a well known phenomenon!
Vet's Surgery

The goal of every person who has become a Christian, must be to become more like Jesus. How do we become more like Jesus Christ? Become like him, such that people will recognise Jesus-like qualities in us? Spend time with him ... but what does that mean?
Celebrity and animal look-a-likes

People discussed this over coffee or made masks to make themselves look like their favourite animal and looked for their favourite celebrity-pet look alike on the internet. We all got together to check out the results of the discussion and the activity at the end.

Keith Charnley