Monday, 1 July 2013

Keith's Ordination Weekend

The sun shone for Keith Charnley's ordination weekend. This began with the service 5.30pm in Salisbury Cathedral on Saturday 29 June 2013, where he was ordained priest by the Bishop of Salisbury, Nicholas Holtham, along with seven other ordinands. Keith and his family were joined by a number of folk from the benefice who had travelled down by coach.

Keith then made his first celebration of Holy Communion on Sunday 30 June in St Nicholas, Winsley; this was a united benefice service, so that the Winsley congregation were joined by people from the other three churches. It was lovely to see the church so full and we really sang out the hymns.
The Churchwardens pray for Keith's ministry

At the beginning of the service, Keith was prayed for by the churchwards of all four churches, and given a green stole as a gift from the benefice. Several people who have helped him prepare during the five years leading up to his ordination, also took part in the service.
Paul Batson, keith Charnley and Rob Armstrong

Rob Armstrong, a past churchwarden of Winsley was crucifer, Jaqueline Loxton read the epistle, Barry Chapman read the Gospel, Paul Batson was the preacher and Denise Leigh and Denise Davies were the chalice assistants. And very importantly, Keith's wife Chris was there to support him too as she has done throughout the process.
Keith distributing the Bread at Communion for the first time

At the end of the service, the Youth Emmaus group told us what they had been doing in the service.
Youth Emmaus tell us about their session

There was then a presentation to Bridget and Philip Poulsom, who have run the Youth Emmaus group for a number of years. Bridget and Paul now feel it is time to hand on the baton and to try something different themselves.
Youth Emmaus thank Bridget & Philip Poulsom

Then it was over to the church hall, for coffee and a piece of the celebration cake.
Keith about to cut the cake

The cake was a splendid affair, the sides being adorned by a bicycle and a pair of ballroom dancers, for Keith's other interests and a small model of a altar with bread and wine on the top. Looked good and tasted good too.
The delicious celebration cake

It was also lovely that our Rector to be, Ann Keating, was at both the ordination service in Salisbury and the Sunday Communion service and was able to meet people over coffee and cake.