Monday, 8 July 2013

Sun shines for Christ Church Barbecue

When we chose 6 July 2013 for an outside event, we had no idea what the weather might be. So in the lead up to the Christ Church barbecue in the Lambert Centre garden there was much anxious consulting of the weather forecasts. In the event we were blessed with a lovely sunny afternoon and it was so hot that we decided on eating in the shade of a tree.
A great choice on the salad table

This was just a chance to get together, enjoy a meal and chat, or if you were one of the little ones, a chance to go on the slides in the Lambert Centre garden. No pressure on raising money, just enjoying and being grateful for fellowship.
Time to talk or choose a second helping!

It was a lovely occasion. Many thanks to Denise for organising the catering and Stephen for sterling work cooking the burgers and sausages.