Sunday, 8 September 2013

Refresh Winsley and All Age Christ Church

Both the Refresh service at Winsley and the All Age Worship at Christ Church focused on God's creation and being creative ourselves.
A queue for coffee and nibbles

At Winsley, folk were given a one hour taster of the Holiday Club run for children over the summer while enjoying coffee and buns.
What shall we make?

There was praise and worship, and the chance for a Blue Peter moment for all as each table held a variety of bits and pieces to make a creature.
Fun for the young ...
... those a bit older ....
... and the young at heart

And the results were many and wonderfully varied.
Is it a dog or a dinosaur?
And here's Recyclo-Bug

Deputy Church warden Rosemary Rees, was just back from Zimbabwe where she and her friend Maud were able to deliver a truck stocked with food to a children's home. The children sang, danced, clapped and played drums to celebrate the gift of the truck and the food. Rosemary's lost luggage turned up just in time (Monday evening) as it included goodies which were for a second children's home which she and Maud visited on Tuesday; again great rejoicing at the gifts.
Rosemary Rees

In Bradford-on-Avon, All Age Worship was in the Lambert Centre opposite Christ Church and our creative endeavours involved playdough - everyone had a go and the results included a guinea pig, a cactus plant and a person. Rachel made a snowman and then pushed her finger into his head, returning him to a pancake and then a ball of dough, reminding us how easy it is to spoil what God has made and given us to look after. We listed the parts of God's creation that make us go 'Wow' - stars, rainbow, a new born baby, the human mind and what we can create, the view from a high point and much more. Then getting creative again in learning a new hymn - 'Who Painted the Sky'. And we finished up with a barbecue - thanks to barbecue grill chef Stephen and to Denise's salad and apple pie team (more great creations) and to God for a dry if breezy lunchtime to enjoy good food and good company.