Thursday, 26 September 2013

Winsley Harvest 2013

The Harvest service at Winsley was an uplifting occasion. As usual the church was beautifully decorated with autumn flowers.
A gift of flowers and flower arranging talent

The service covered both the gifts of the earth and the gifts of the spirit. Paul questioned Tom Bowles of the Hartley Farm Shop about farming today - much food for thought here.

Later in the service, Paul handed out coloured luggage labels with elastic bands and asked us to write on the tags what gifts we had - the things we are good at. These were then attached to a large cross.
What are our gifts?
New youth leader Anna Wilson spoke about the group and how they had looked at what was expected of them as teenagers today and how to manage this with God's help. They had also completed luggage labels and hung them on their own smaller cross which was placed on the altar.
Gifts offered to God

And of course people had contributed Harvest gifts, which this year are being donated to Alabare Drop-In Centre in Trowbridge.
Gifts offered to the community
Thanks to Daphne Cox for the photos.