Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Rachel joins the team

It's now official - Rachel Pound is the newest member of our ministry team following her licensing on 28 Sept. 2013 as an LLM (Licensed Lay Minister) in this Benefice. Rachel has been an LLM for some time, originally in Chippenham, where she lived before moving to Bradford-on-Avon.
Rachel Pound

A group of us joined Rachel and her family in Salisbury Cathedral for the service on Saturday. The opening procession was headed by an impressive number of already licensed LLMs, followed by those about to be licensed and their clergy (in Rachel's case our Rector, Ann) and then the two Archdeacons and all three Bishops. The sermon was preached by Allen Knott, Discernment Secretary for Lay Ministers, and considered the relevance of the behaviour of Job's friends, who sat in silence with him for 7 days. Allen noted that sometimes that is what is needed, to be with someone at times when words do not help, although that is not all LLMs need to do. He felt they had a threefold service to listen, to speak and to do. Hymns included, appropriately, 'Brother, sister, let me serve you' and 'I the Lord of Sea and Sky'. A very special occasion and a chance to enjoy being in the Cathedral - the blue east window is mesmerising and the new 'infinity' font also draws one in.
Ready for tea and coffee in South Wraxall village hall

On to Sunday, where the United Benefice service in St James, South Wraxall was another special time; it was lovely to see so many people from all our churches there. This was the occasion of Rachel's first duty as an LLM within the Benefice as she preached the sermon, focusing on the re-awakened interest in angels. At the end of the service Ann presented Rachel with a card and gift from the Benefice, marking the occasion. Ann then presented Paul Batson with a gift from the Benefice in thanks for his work managing the interregnum.

Rachel joins fellow LLMs Chris Charnley, Pat Ellis and Jim Jones as an important part of our ministry team.
Paul Batson, Ann Keating, Pat Ellis, Rachel Pound & Barry Chapman

After the service, we had tea & coffee and biscuits in the village hall next to the church ~ many thanks to the team behind the hatch for their work ~ and the chance to chat with people from around the benefice.