Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christ Church Community Open Day 2013

This year's Christ Church Community Open Day was a great success. People were welcomed into the red carpet area with the Christ Church cafe and the small children's play area - an idea that went down well with parents and children alike.
Christ Church cafe is about to open
Mums can have a cup of tea while children play

Then on the stalls. As usual, the cake stall was full of a wonderful selection of goodies, while the book stall had something for all ages. The Christmas stall had decorations and small gifts, while the card and notebook stall also offered gift ideas.
Hard to choose - the cake stall

Gordon manning the book stall
Ideas for Christmas
Wendy and Pauline share a happy thought

The children's craft activities were popular. Making an Advent calendar involved adults as well as children. Making Christmas cards meant the glitter glue was well used! Hunt the Church Mice involved whole families as they tried to locate the 21 knitted mice hidden around the church.
Concentration needed for Advent calendars ...
... involving the whole family
Making Christmas cards - the glitter glue was well used!!

The art exhibition in the Lady Chapel showed off the work of local painters, with a varied selection of pictures.
Just some of the paintings
Lots going on

Thanks to Chris Cole for his enjoyable musical interludes on the organ in the afternoon and the bell ringers who supervised the visits to the bell tower throughout the day.

Thanks also to the organising team, those who manned the stalls and activities, those who made and/or donated items, and those who cleared up afterwards. And thanks to Stephen Pike for these photos.

We had a great day and those who came enjoyed themselves. A father with two small children was leaving at 3.30pm having been there all the afternoon. "I don't want to go home yet" said small daughter. "You've made Christmas cards, played with the toys and looked for the Church mice. We have to go now as I have to get the fish pie ready for tea" said Dad. Small daughter continued to ask to stay as dad firmly led her away.