Sunday, 25 May 2014

Christ Church Refresh, May 2014

The theme of the May 'Refresh' service in Christ Church School was 'Unity in Community'. Our focus was on how each one of us is an important part of the body of Christ in our church community - 'we are all one body, though the parts are different' and 'God has no hands on earth except ours, etc.'

Between hymns, readings and prayers, we discussed what it was like for the new community of Christians after Christ's death and what we can learn from their example.We were also challenged to raise a small orange plastic ball above the table using only marshmallows and pieces of spaghetti. A variety of approches emerged - see the photos below. Sticky fingers ensued, but great fun.
The double triangle
The pyramid
The nest
The network
The box
The basket

Thanks to the Refresh team who planned and led the service.