Friday, 6 June 2014

Christ Church Friends Horse Racing June 2014

Tuesday 3rd June saw a good crowd of Christ Church Friends supporters gathered at the Mount Pleasant Club for a horse race evening. This event works in the same way as a board game: the playing pieces are six horses, and their moves are determined by two dice - the one with a different colour on each side indicates which horse moves and the other (a normal dice) the number of spaces the horse moves along the race track. Thank you, Anne Hilton, for knitting our giant dice.
The number dice just landing, the coloured dice ready to be thrown
Along the way, a water jump provides another hazard as landing in it sends a horse to the previous square and a two or more must be thrown before it can clear the jump.
Under starter's orders
The horses were Abbot's Arrow, Bishop's Bullet, Curate's Choice, Dean's Delight, Rambling Rector and Warden's Wonder. Thank you to Geoff Haddon and Bill Wilkins for creating the horses.

At the beginning of each race, ownership of each of the horses was auctioned - our thanks to Derek Robbins for a very entertaining auction - with the successful bidder of the winning horse getting a cash prize at the end of the race. After the auction, which got quite competitive, everyone present could make a 50p 'bet' on one or more of the runners in that race, with holders of tickets for the winning horse getting a small cash prize.
The race is underway

After two races we took a break for supper - a variety of sandwiches, crisps and cakes provided by the Christ Church Friends committee tempted us all - before continuing with another two races. It proved to be a very enjoyable evening and raised £118.80 for Christ Church Friends funds. Thank you to all who organised the event, and but especially to those who attended and joined in the fun.