Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Refresh at Winsley, June 2014

The theme for June's Refresh at Winsley was prayer and Pentecost. As usual we were in Winsley School hall. We had to make a communication aid, made from two tins linked by string.
Here's the kit - now just assemble!
Can you hear me?
Who's there?
Having made our 'telephones', we had a list of names to call on the 'line' to see if we could be heard.
Does it work over longer distances?
Does it work when one person is outside and the other inside?
We also looked at distractions to our prayer life and how we might 'hear' God and what kind of topics we can share with Him.
The photos were taken by Daphne Cox (on Mary Hewetson's phone camera - thanks Mary).