Friday, 18 July 2014

Winsley Refresh July 2014

Colin Prudhoe our Youth worker at St Nicholas church, and at the school is seen on the construction, by him and the children of Winsley Primary School, making a Reflective Journey.
Colin at the start of a Journey

He was showing all who came to Refresh today the work which is underway and to demonstrate the theme for today of 'Journeys'.You will see from the Snakes and Ladders board more journeys. 
Snakes & Ladders
Life is like that, some days the going is good, and on another it can be tough. The winner and the loser of the game were rewarded, for even Christ said; 'the last shall be first'.
Stepping stone
Back to the school grounds. Where the soil is dug out a stone like the one illustrated will be placed. The children will be encouraged to reflect on life as they walk the stones. Whether of life in general, or the Chistian Life. The head teacher is encouraging to all these plans.
At the end of term Colin and a team of helpers will be holding a Holiday Club called 'Good Knight?'
The club runs from Monday 28th July - Friday 1st August. For further details contact Colin Prudhoe on Bath 340861 or

By Daphne Cox