Saturday, 9 August 2014

Christ Church Clean Up - August 2014

Christ Church was a hive of activity on the morning of Saturday 9th August 2014 as folk helped to clean and tidy the church in preparation for the Ride & Stride event in September when the church will be open. Sweeping and dusting, polishing and painting, clearing surfaces and binning old notices, sorting out what was to go back on the shelves on the already painted north alcove at the west entrance - all undertaken with energy and smiles.
One puts the polish on, the other buffs it up
Pews were cleaned and polished with great teamwork by Janet Murray and Barbara Green.
Joy with paintbrush, Roz with roller

Roz Lambert and Joy Messer tackled the repainting of the alcove on the south of the west door. It really brightens up the area.
Sunshine for doormat cleaning

Amongst other things, Gordon Messer gave the west entrance doormat a good cleaning.
Is everyone ready for coffee?

Rachel Pound cleans the photo display while Wendy Brown sets up for the coffee break. Delicious fruit scones and cheese scones were baked by Derek Robins and enjoyed by the working party (well, it wouldn't be a Christ Church event without brilliant catering, would it!). And to leave it all sparkling, Reg Green was on washing up duty.
Reg employs soap and water

Not pictured are Tony Green who did the early stint from 8am to 10am, and Ann Chapman who set up the new display of parish people on the noticeboard and then rushed round getting these photos. And of course everyone did more than you see here - so a big thank you to everyone who turned up.