Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Bratton Band Christmas Concert 2014

Friday 5th Dec. saw the welcome return of the Bratton Silver Band for a Christmas Concert in Christ Church. The programme was wide ranging and the sound stunning - Christ Church has excellent accoustics for musical concerts. Some 25 musicians turned up and filled the front of the nave (just as well there weren't more of them as the space won't take a larger group unless we remove a pew or two). The quality of the band - recent winners Section 3 of their region in the national championships - was obvious.
The band filled the front of the church

The church was still decorated with many floral arrangements from the funeral of long time attender Wendy Cottle earlier in the week. That added to the sense of occasion for the concert.
The two percussionists filled the space by the pulpit

The first half opened with some popular items, and included four carols chosen by the band. Carol sheets had been given out to the audience, so we were all able to have a really good sing. In the interval (wine and soft drinks and mince pies were on offer) the band leader collected some carol requests from the audience and the second half followed the same pattern as the first with band items, the carol section, and finishing with more band items.
And the rest of the band stretched out to the right

The programme included a piece by John Rutter  (possibly the Candlelight Carol), 'Sleigh Ride' by Leroy Anderson and 'Troika' by Prokofiev, the carol 'O Holy Night', popular pieces such as 'Chestnuts roasting by an open fire' and 'The snowman', plus modern pop classics 'Do they know its Christmas?' and 'Fairytale of New York'. Something for everyone and the audience enjoyed it greatly.

The concert was a Christ Church Friends event and included the 100 Club draw and a raffle.

Apologies that the photos are so distant. My camera skills on a mobile phone are limited and I didn't want to distract the audience by  wandering down  the aisle while the band was playing - and sadly the close up of the band as they took their final bow was blurred.