Monday, 15 December 2014

Refresh at Winsley Dec. 2014

At our December Refresh, coffee, tea, croissants and pain au chocolat were followed by each table making a Christmas cracker. The two winning tables were given a box of chocolates like those you may get for the Christmas stocking.
The winning crackers
Colin Our Youth Worker led our worship, and the music group led the carols. 
Musicians in full flow
Our theme was Christmas, focusing on the coming of Jesus to be our Saviour. Paul is dressed as a Christingle. Jesus came as a light into the darkness of the earth, hence the candle hat Paul is wearing. The orange circle stands for the whole world and the red band, the blood of Jesus shed for the whole world. The 4 paddles with a grape and blueberry on each are for the four seasons and fruits of the earth.
Paul the Christingle Man
Our morning ended with prayers and a final carol. Refresh takes place once a month in Winsley Primary School.

Daphne Cox