Monday, 12 January 2015

Refresh at Winsley January 2015

This morning (11th Jan.) at the Refresh service in Winsley Primary School Keith talked about the part the Fish has in the Christian faith, from the symbols of the spoked wheel, the letters of fish and the meaning behind them. He went on to say how often we are going along quite easily, but sometimes we face difficulties and we have to go against the tide. This was illustrated on a video with salmon trying so hard to leap up stream.
How many moves to make fish swim in opposite direction?
We were given match sticks as shown in the picture and asked to move as few matches as possible to make the fish swim in the opposite direction. Fun was had by all as they tried to do this.

Concentration on the task
All ages enjoyed the challenge

There were also two battery operated fish trying to swim upstream in a gutter, another fun illustartion.
Orange fish swimming against the flow
All this was likened to the life of a Christian, sometimes life is difficult and we need to 'go with the flow' and keep in step with our Heavenly Father.
Coffee helps the brain cells!
As usual, everyone enjoyed plenty of coffee and croissants.
The music group (and colourful displays of school work behind)
 The music was led by the talented music group.
Text and photos by Daphne Cox