Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Winsley Refresh in May 2015

We had fun over coffee and croissants learning about Compassion. Our men may have been missing today (at a Men's Group event) but those of us who met were greatly encouraged. Groups had a go at making Lego models to illustrate situations requiring compassion.
What will it be?
When we think of compassion we reach out to someone or situation to offer help. The Bible also tells us to be compassionate - as shown in the story of two friends on the roof lowering their paralysed friend into Jesus' presence.
The friends removing the roof
One 'Lego' assembly was showing what actually happened in our local town where the Street Pastor offered help to a young person last night who came out of the night club and did not realise what was going on; sadly she was taken by the police to the station to 'dry out'.
Hands of prayer
When we came to pray we remembered those in Nepal, places where there is war, and the sick. Our prayer needs were written on an outline of our hands, each of us offering a hand to someone else.
Circle of hands
A plea was made for the right helper for one of our teenage groups.

Photos and text by Daphne Cox