Monday, 8 June 2015

Encouraging Words for Christ Church, Rector Ann and Ministry Team

A friend of mine recently went out of her way to tell me of a conversation she has recently had - in Sainsbury's (where-else!!). It was with a woman who had attended baby Jack's christening on the 3rd May.  Apparently she had lived in BoA for just under 40 years and had never been inside Christ Church. She thought it was lovely but more than that she wanted to say how much she had enjoyed the service and the way the baptism was conducted in particular. She was particularly impressed by the way Rector Ann had included other children in the baptism itself.
I particularly want to pass this on, by way of encouragement to you all and to say 'thank you to Ann Keating'. I think sometimes, particularly those of us involved in church business, can be discouraged by some of the 'behind the scenes' stuff which goes on and must be dealt with. But, if a visitor can come into our church and then talk about the experience in such a positive way with a friend (and she doesn't know my friend knows me!!), then be encouraged !!
And I would like to say also, that these are not the first words of encouragement I have heard in the last few months. Several who were visitors on Easter Day have said how much they enjoyed the service. And someone who is only able to attend occasionally has said that he has 'received a lot' from recent services. So, for that, thanks must go to the whole of the Ministry Team.
Denise Leigh