Monday, 31 August 2015

Monkton Farleigh Village Tea Party Success August 2015

A morning of continuous rain was not the prelude to the first Village Afternoon Tea Party that the organisers had hoped for but things turned out fine in the end.  Most people spent the morning indoors watching the rain come down but by lunch time the rain had stopped and there was the prospect of sunshine for the afternoon. To some a stroll round to the village hall for a communal afternoon tea seemed like a reasonable activity and how right they were.
Some of the scrumptious spread
Afternoon tea is synonymous with cakes; and cakes there were aplenty. Sandwiches and savoury scones completed the spread and when the tables were ready for the 2.30 pm start, the consensus of opinion was that there was more food available than there was afternoon to consume it.
At the ready for customers
Then the people arrived and they came in large numbers. In the course of the next two hours some 50 visitors came to call. The sandwiches and cakes were sufficient in number, but only just, and next year could see the first Monkton Farleigh Village Bake-Off such was the wide variety of cakes donated by the village cooks – a wonderful visual site and they tasted very good too!
What shall I choose?
Many thanks to all who donated to the cause and to all the village people who attended. It was very encouraging to see so many of the long standing residents alongside the recent arrivals in the village all having a very convivial afternoon.

Text by Colin Dobson and photos by Denise Davies