Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Monkton Farleigh Harvest Festival 2015

St Peter’s, Monkton Farleigh celebrated Harvest which is particularly relevant as the church is part of a rural community that is surrounded by working farms.
Glorious autumn colours

The church was decorated for the occasion with a spectacular series of flower arrangements reflecting the colours and fruitfulness of the season. 
More lovely flowers

Keith Charnley led the service which included an interactive session with the congregation when he showed how the letters of the word “Harvest” when rearranged remind us of the need to “Share” to ensure that others do not “Starve”.

As well as singing popular seasonal hymns the congregation enjoyed a performance by the Monkton Farleigh Singers during the service. 

During the service gifts of food were laid at the altar. These gifts, together with the collection, will be donated to the AlabarĂ© Care centre in Trowbridge. St Peter’s regularly supports this charity which works with vulnerable and marginalised people in our communities.
Delicious spread showing God's bounty

A “bring and share” lunch took place in the Village Hall after the service.  The delicious buffet ensured that everyone enjoyed a tasty meal whilst chatting with friends, neighbours and the visitors from our twin town in Germany.

Text and photos supplied by Colin Exley