Tuesday, 29 September 2015

South Wraxall Harvest Festival 2015

South Wraxall celebrated Harvest Festival on Sunday 27th September 2015. After a joyful service in church thanking God for his goodness in providing the fruits of the earth, folk gathered in the Village Hall next door for lunch.
Barry about to say grace
Barry Chapman, who had earlier led the Harvest Service in St James, said the grace before the meal, again thanking God for his bounty and that we have so much available to us.
Eyeing up the spread
As usual, the catering was excellent with an inviting variety of quiches, cold meats and salads set out for the first course. This was followed by fruit crumble, apple pie, cheesecake, trifle and fruit salad; then tea or coffee and a piece of fudge. The meal also provided a time for interesting conversations, without the need to rush off somewhere else.
Difficult choices to be made
Many thanks to those who provided the food, and those who washed and wiped up, made coffee and tea, and got out and put away the tables and chairs. Everyone helped - a real sense of community.